Ursula Askew

Ursula Askew

“I achieved more than I EVER thought possible”

“Looking back to when I started with NLP, is hard to imagine. Seeing the transformation in black and white was eye-opening. I LOVE the training, atmosphere and the friends I have made. I really feel they care and support each other in our goals”

Ursula first came to train with us after she’d given up and expected to live with herĀ knee pain, after seeing a physiotherapist, biomechanics specialist and Dr’s Ursula had been left redundant with the fact that she would have to struggle standing, walking and would have to crawl up the stairs to avoid excruciating knee pain.


Ursula decided to train with us for a 3 month period after experiencing our services and being surprised at our professional expertise in a trial session. During these 3 months Ursula told me she’d never be able to bend her knee’s in a lunge or squat properly – she had to walk down the stairs sideways to avoid knee pain.

3 months later…

Ursula is having her partner watch as she runs up and down the stairs proud of what she’s achieved.

Ursula has not only transformed her health and dropped weight but most importantly her quality of life has improved through her improved movement – something that she wasn’t able to do with physio, movement Dr’s and specialists.

12 months on…

After joining up for 3 months Ursula reached her 12 month milestone training 3-4 times a week with us. Not only did Ursula transform her body shape and look 10 years younger (see image 2), but she also overcame the limitations with her salon and the injuries this has caused. From knee injuries, shoulder and elbow injuries Ursula has lived with it all as a part of her daily job.

Fast forwards 3 years and Ursula’s still with us


October 21, 2016


“I got more in 6 weeks than I achieved in 12 months previous”

I spent 18 months training on my own getting nowhere before joining with NLP and transformed my body-shape in just 6 weeks.

September 30, 2015


“NLP changed my Life”

I went through private physio, biomechanics coaches, and numerous specialists, before Next Level Performance – Runcorn were able to fix my knees and I could walk properly. Not to mention the weight I lost and the friends I gained along the way.

September 21, 2015

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